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Properly functioning HVAC and plumbing features are the unsung heroes of any home. When they stop working, life can quickly become unbearable. Work with Nistler Plumbing & Heating, Inc to have one convenient contractor for your HVAC and plumbing services in McGregor and Duluth, MN.

We have over two decades of experience providing reliable plumbing and HVAC services. Call us today to let us take a look at your plumbing and HVAC systems in McGregor, Aitkin, and Duluth, MN.

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Nistler Plumbing & Heating, Inc is your go-to source for all of your heating and plumbing needs. We separate ourselves from the competition with:

Over 20 years of plumbing and HVAC experience

Premium products from Amana and other leading manufacturers

Versatile experience to handle both plumbing and HVAC services

Affordable prices on products and services

Having one contractor on call that can complete both HVAC and plumbing services will save you money and valuable time. Speak with us today for a price estimate on your services in McGregor, Aitkin, and Duluth, MN.

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The team at Nistler Plumbing & Heating, Inc has the knowledge and experience needed to take care of any plumbing and or HVAC need. Turn to us for:





There's no job too big or too small for our dedicated crew. Work with a leading plumbing and HVAC contractor for dependable services in McGregor, Aitkin, and Duluth MN.